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Tarot By Comparison - The Magician

Next up in "Tarot by Comparison" is The Magician.

Tarot by Comparison - The Magician

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For The Magician comparison, I have used these decks: The Gilded Tarot, Everyday Witch Tarot, The Housewives of Tarot and Happy Tarot.

The Magician - Tarot by Comparison

The key terms I think of when I see The Magician are: Manifestation, Mastery, Wisdom, Power, and Control.

In all of the cards you can see that The Magician is manifesting something.

Maybe this isn't so clear with The Housewives of Tarot, but if you take into account that these cards are based off 1950's living, the coveted washing machine is totally fitting.

Tarot Cards - The Magician - Comparing Tarot
With the other decks, they seem to be manifesting something spiritual. The ability to manifest desires makes The Magician seem wise and powerful. He is connecting the heavens and earth to bring his desires to fruition.

He stands full of confidence and seems to be in control of his situation. He is bringing forth his manifestations with ease. 

The other key term, and a very important aspect, is Mastery. He is the master of his own destiny, he is the master of his own circumstances.

Comparing Tarot Cards - The Magician

You can draw this conclusion from the symbols of the minor arcana all being included with The Magician. I especially love the way it is depicted in The Gilded Tarot. The Magician looks so in control of all aspects of the tarot (of life).

  • Manifestations
  • Mastery
  • Control
  • Power
  • Wisdom

What do you see when you compare these cards? Try comparing a few decks and let me know if you're making the same connections!

Again, I hope you're finding this way of teaching helpful!

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